Forex World Currency Options Class Special (see details)

Forex World Currency Options Class Special

Option University founder Brett Fogle and Greg McDermott, Chief Forex Strategist are on hand to personally teach the new World Currency Options Trading Class.

You can now combine the two most powerful trading concepts on the planet… the raw power (and many benefits) of Forex trading with the flexibility of options.

Here’s your chance to spend 8 days with a Forex Options master – who will reveal everything you need to know to get started on your path to successful World Currency Options trading.

Gregory M. McDermott earned a Masters in Applied Finance while studying on a Rotary International Scholarship at Macquarie University’s Centre for Money and Banking in Sydney, Australia. In 1988, he was introduced to foreign currency trading by a Professor at Macquarie University who was the head of Australia New Zealand Bank FX Trading Desk. Greg studied the currency markets and option trading as part of his Masters of Applied Finance Curriculum. He holds a BS in Financial Management from Saint Joseph’s University.

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